Georgia Harper Landscape Design is a landscape design practice dedicated to working in collaboration with clients to achieve the most effective, engaging and lovely landscapes to live in.

With projects ranging from small residential courtyards to large commercial developments, throughout Melbourne and Victoria, we work with our clients to achieve outstanding results unique to them and their needs.

GHLD aims to help you create an outdoor space that will work well with your home and your lifestyle. Our philosophy is that good design is a great investment - and well-designed landscape enhances the value of your home as well as the quality of life you'll enjoy with a design that's customised for your tastes and way of life. It also ensures that it will thrive in the conditions specific to that site, and offer focal points of interest from within the building.

GHLD is experienced in a wide range of garden styles - from formal to modern, small jobs or garden renovations to large-scale projects.


Careful planning means that you know what you will be getting right from the start, how it will work, and will streamline construction process, minimising cost issues. A Design Consultation allows you to test the waters, see what’s possible, and better explore what your needs and wants truly are.

Most importantly, a professional landscape plan also ensures that:

- you have explored the full potential of your space, and had the opportunity to experiment with different ideas, layouts and elements - and that you are comfortable with the look and feel of your new space before any construction works begin

- quotes are comprehensive and can be comparable through a tendering process; and 

- that during construction, costly delays due to confusion about details are avoided – the cost associated with planning is usually more than covered in the savings created, and gives the best possible result for your investment.

our difference

GHLD is a collaborative design practice - we work with you to carefully a develop a cohesive landscape design that fulfils every facet of your brief, ensuring that the design and garden you end up with is a perfect match for you and the way you live your life.

Some projects are more complex than others, and for this reason we work with the parameters set by each client - some will use a contractor to complete the works, some would like to do the works over time, and some like to DIY - so we ensure that each has the right tools.

Our goal is to successfully undertake the design process so that our clients are completely clear on every aspect of their design before the first day of implementation begins.


Georgia is a Member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers, is a member of and sits on the Board of Landscaping Victoria, and has served as the Chair of the Course Advisory Committee for Burnley School of Horticulture (University of Melbourne).