Much of our work is referred to us by our clients & that's how we like it.


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A Modern family Home with Pool and Tennis Court

We were lucky in our search for a landscape architect to find and engage GHLD. In planning our new home site of 3000m2 we wanted to create a statement environment with multiple elements on a moderate budget. We met with many, and it was obvious straight away that Georgia connected straight away with our vision and knew how to get us there.

Georgia created a sophisticated, individual, practical and user friendly landscape plan that required limited amendment. Her extensive expertise in landscape design, her understanding and appreciation for the local environs, teamed with a unique design sensibility and practical project management have resulted in a project that has exceeded our expectations on all fronts.

Georgia is very responsive, has a great rapport with her suppliers and contractors and is a true professional. She delivers effective cost management solutions, staged plans, maintenance manuals and extensive follow up and advice. Georgia really cares about the delivery and the finished product. Above all, she is a pleasure to work with.

Rachael and Duncan T, Mt Eliza


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Georgia Harper has worked with us on a number of landscape design projects, including a small inner-city courtyard for one home, and front and back gardens with pool revamp for a larger family house.

On each project, Georgia took the time to understand what we wanted and translated our preferences into attractive, functional garden designs.

Georgia is very approachable and easy to deal with; she isn't precious about her designs and is conscious of costs and timeframes.

We would happily work with Georgia again, and are very happy to recommend her to others.

Megan B, Fitzroy North



a Private Natural oasis for bird and dog lovers

We've had a challenging 2 years with the lack of rain, and starting the block from a blank clay canvas, but wanted to pass on our thanks again for your well thought out design and choice of plants. Considering the heat and dry this year (weeks of 40+ and temsp up to 47) we've done remarkably well, and our combined vision for the block is really coming to fruition. (Due largely to Meg finding her gardening and watering time as a time to switch off and relax - which I suppose is one of the benefits of being proud of what you created)

We often remark at how smart your layout and choice of plants were. You took our desire for lots of flowering animal attracting natives, shade and privacy, and worked them into a smart garden that is not only holding up very well in the conditions (and the not-so-subtle paws of 4 big dogs), but for the most part is now thriving and looking established.

The gums planted along the front of the street have grown from 1m, and are now up to the 2nd storey spouting level and providing shade to the north face of the house. They have just come into flower for the first time which is bringing in lots of Scaly Breasted and Red Rump Lorikeets to look at and listen to from our bedroom

The winding path around the back yard has been great, and we enjoy sitting up there with a wine looking at the garden, and listening to the wildlife which seem to follow us up there.

Our block is now a day-spa for 5 hand-fed Kookaburras, 7 Magpies, 2 Pied Currawongs, 3 Butcher Birds, countless native Noisy Miners, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Pretty Galahs, and some very friendly Rainbow Lorikeets. (None of which are in the slightest bit concerned about our furry family) So the idea of planting to attract wildlife seems to have worked well.

Half of our time is spent enjoying the garden, and the rest working to earn enough to buy the necessary bird seed and mince the animals go through each week. The front yard is also frequented by a friendly echidna and the occasional blue-tongue lizard.

We'd love you to come out one afternoon and sit on the deck and enjoy a wine with us. We'll show you the progress photos we've taken each 6 months or so which show the gardens maturing. We'd be keen to show off the results - and we'd be happy for you to use them.

Megan and Craig S, Springthorpe


A relaxing family space

Georgia established an easy rapport and an understanding of how our family wanted to use the backyard space within the initial consultation.  She provided a hand drawn detailed concept within that time that met our brief.  Needless to say, we asked Georgia to work the initial concepts up into a to scale plan with specifications to get to quotation stage.  The end result has reflected exactly what we wanted and is a beautiful area visually.  The functionally of the design has exceed our expectations. 

Andrea S, Brunswick West