Sometimes the front garden is the one you spend quality time in.



This front garden was totally destroyed by renovations to the house - and with another 12 months to go at the rear of the house, it was important that this young family had somewhere to relax - a place to get away from the chaos of building works.



The design was simple - in working with the era of the house (and the youth of the owners), we created a restful entry garden that had enough usable space for the family to spend time together while building works were still underway (and it has come in handy for grown up time while the kids scream around the backyard).

Bluestone paving tied the project in with surrounding street paving and some of the original building's features, and this classic stone had a honed finish to modernise the look of the paved areas. The elevated deck added some softness to the built area, and with it's oversized water bowl gives a nice focal point from the master bedroom, as well as adding to the sense of tranquility as you enter the property.

Plantings were hey simple and evergreen, adding another layer of softness and a buffer form the busy road beyond.

The garden blends into the carport and driveway area to help create a feeling of openness and space.

A classic influence with a bit more informality of planting - one year on, and the garden is becoming a private, soft place to be relaxed, and to get away from all the noisy action in the backyard.

Before - an overgrown, unusable space, with loads of potential.