The Next Steps - Planning Your Unique Space

Should you wish to go forward with a design, we will advise a design budget based on anticipated hours required for all of the elements involved in design planning. This is a fixed fee price (as long as the brief does not radically change), so you'll have peace of mind in the process.

The next steps:


The next step of the process is to develop a Concept Plan; this step usually entails a more formal site survey, and preparation of a base plan.

Based on your brief, we will also develop concept sketches, elevations, and notes on plants and materials. We then work together on the Concept Plan to further refine the ideas and details - and this forms the basis of the final Landscape Master Plan.

Master Plan

The Landscape Master Plan is a much more refined version of the entire garden planned, and this will form the last draft for final approval.

When the master is approved, the final Landscape Master Plan will be completed, as well as any technical drawings as required.

Document Delivery

Once all of the drawings are complete, you will receive several copies of each, as well as any documentation needed for construction.

We also prepare for you a full Landscape Maintenance Plan, so that you can look after your new garden and make sure it thrives!


We are independent designers with no vested interest in the construction component - this ensures that we are designing only for the client's needs, and not for what we want to build. 

We recommend professional contractors who are good fit for your project; the contractors we refer are all registered, licensed, insured and best of all, members of Landscaping Victoria.

In most cases, these contractors require limited supervision as they are well qualified to interpret plans and keep the project build time minimal.

We can also offer Construction Support during works should the need arise.