Looking at an old space in a new way.


THE Project

The owners of this home had recently completed some lovely internal renovations - and found that their backyard and tired old pool really didn't come up to the mark.

They were unable to see the kids play in the backyard pool area, and much of the area wasn't nice to play in anyway - lots of uneven and deteriorating paving, too much weathered decking and not much lawn or soft spaces to play. The black aluminium fence created a harsh visual barrier that distracted the eye form inside the house, and even from the verandah the whole spaces felt 'chopped up' and unusable.


BEFORE: Very dated and not very inviting - the planter obscures almost all of the view from the house to the pool area.

AFTER: A much more open, lush and inviting flow from the house to the pool and lawn areas.



We discussed the opportunities with the client to make the space much more open and to flow in style from the interior - and came up with a plan to rejuvenate the pool area - as well as adding a spa - and to soften and open the area up so that visibility from the house is maximised, as well as creating some destination spaces to relax and to congregate within the pool area as the family's entertaining needs changed.



Entertaining and breakout spaces are important as the kids get older - so step one was to open up the area between the existing pergola attached to the house, and to create some flow from the house to the pool area, obstacle-free. Built in seating adds a focal point and room to relax, as well as extra decking for sun lounges and lawn areas either side of the pool